Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! Im Mikah, 19 years of age, Currently a student, 4th year college. I love to read books and hang out with my friends, Im also very adventurous and very impatient! I love to travel all round the world and i love to see beautiful things in this world such as God-made and man-made. Im very fond of dogs. I currently have a black toy poodle named Fulgoso! I would post a picture and facts about him soon!

This blog will contain things about my life, random things and tips for you gals out there! Please watch out these are the things in my mind that i will be posting when i have the time:
(1) Top favorite books
(2) Top Korean Novelas i absolutely love!
(3) Inexpensive everyday make up essentials
(4) BORACAY! What to do and how to have a fruitful trip!
(5) Tips on making a thesis
(6) My current inspiration
(7) Road to eating healty!

Well, as of now this are the things that i have in mind for this blog. Random things that can benefit you readers out there,

I hope you enjoy my blog!

I would rather keep last name invisible for privacy purposes, but for questions please email me at mikahmagano@gmail.com, be sure to introduce yourself! xx