How i started my healthy diet via myfitnesspal

Hello everyone!

Yesterday, June 26, 2017 i have decided to really and fully start my diet. I didn’t think that i would be able to start yet this season, but since my uncle, cousins and mother brought me into this, then i should start myself.

It started when they made a group chat on facebook talking about a “challenge”, they mentioned that me and my two cousins have to race to lose weight every month. The person who loses most pounds on the first month will receive ₱500.00, the winner on the 2nd month will receive ₱1000.00 and so on. I saw my two cousins (who has zero self control) really doing their best not to eat unhealthy food. Seeing this, it brought light out of me that if they can do it, i can too!

People have been constantly telling me that i need to think more about myself and start eating healthy. I have been fat my whole life, but this month, i marked, was the fattest i have been my whole life. I now weigh 116 kilograms or 255lbs. This is really unhealthy for someone who is 5 foot 4.

I just wanted to share with you guys my journey to being a healthy person, i wanted to inspire others in the future. I really hope and want this to work.

So this is how i started. 

I registered from, i made an account there and started listing down all my food intake from breakfast to dinner. Even snacks or dip i used (E.g. Ketchup, ranch dressing). From my height and weight, i need to have only 1,390 calorie intake everyday.

day 2

As you can see, I’m currently on my day 2 & i haven’t eaten anything yet. It’s 8:53Am at the moment. On the Right portion, you can add your food intake, and your exercise for the day.

Yesterday, i stood up washing dishes and cleaning for an hour. On my weight and height, standing up for an hour and doing chores can help me lose about 200-280 calories depending on how heavy the chores i did. So i did stood up doing chores after eating for 1 hr each meal and i listed it down on my “exercise portion” This is the measurement as per (


I will show you guys my food intake yesterday. My first day. I decided to take things slowly and not deprive myself of eating or starving myself. I realize that starting in a BANG would only cost me to not follow my diet and start eating unhealthy right away. Eating like this makes me more dedicated and my cravings are still yet satisfied. I could eat the things i would love to it but on minimal content (or else my calorie intake for the day would move up the ladder LOL)


As you can see, the mojos made my calorie intake for the day almost half. Foods like these are very unhealthy and i made a huge mistake of eating that many potatoes. But still, i have enough to eat through out the day.

I have decided that for now, i can keep eating on 1 cup per day (Because im really used to eating 2&1/2 per meal) and eventually or gradually i will lose the rice until my body can take eating much more healthier. I have decided that i will start running or jogging and boxing.


This is what the fitnesspal said on summary. This might be small, but it is something. I will continue my journey writing in my blog. My intake for the week and if i lost some pounds! Good luck to me!


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